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Building Your Social Media Authority

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Building Your Social Media Authority

There are many ways that you can attract people to your website or blog, but many of these ways are out of your control, except for social media.

Search Engine Optimization is obviously important, but it is a game of chance as you never really know how or when the search engines will crawl your site. Word of mouth is a great way to gain exposure, but it is not something within your control. Social media can be controlled if you are prepared to put in some time and a little bit of effort, it is possible to build a large social media presence in a short amount of time.

Throughout this blog you will also discover different strategies that you can use within the most popular social media networks in order to build your social media authority and presence.

What Many People Do Not Understand About Social Media

 When it comes to social media there are no new fancy tricks to learn, social media is all about engendering interaction. Using social media is about compelling people consistently to engage with you and then share your content. This is the main purpose of social media and it applies across every network. There is no secret formula necessary in order to become a social media success story, all you need is compelling human interaction.

What does compelling human interaction mean? The exact definition depends on your website or blog, but generally speaking it means that you want to involve people in a conversation that is related to your topic. It is really nothing more complicated than this.


It is not really complicated. The key to social media is being social. By pure definition, social media should be a two way street. If someone is commenting on your posts, take the time to comment back. You should be having conversations with the people who are following you.


Many social media enthusiasts are simply obsessed with the number of followers or likes that they get on their posts as much as they are with the amount of traffic their website or blog receives. In reality, these numbers do not have much to do with the true metrics of being successful.


Instead of focusing solely on the number of new likes that you get, you should focus on the number of people who are commenting on and then sharing your content. This is the true measure of engagement. When more people are engaging with your content the more likely they are to share it, which will increase your exposure.


Knowing What To Post


It is important to try new things all the time. Once you determine what posts are gaining high levels of interaction and engagement you can repeat them. The key is to always be experimenting and noting the things that work best. You can read all sorts of information about what has worked for others, but you would really be missing the point of social media because in reality social media offers a personal way of communicating with your audience and what works for another business or blogger may not work for you and what works for your audience may not work for them.


No matter how much advice you read about engaging your users, it will pale in comparison to the effectiveness of doing what you think is right for your readers, measuring how impactful it is and then adjusting your techniques accordingly.


What is the Point of Social Media?


Many people end up wasting a lot of energy on social media. They will try to drive their readers and consumers to their social media profiles, which is the opposite of what you want. The ultimate goal of a social media profile is to drive people from them to your website or blog and not the other way around.


Social media profiles should be used as outposts for attracting people to your website or blog. Your website or blog should not focus on sending individuals to the outposts. Social media profiles need to stand solidly on their own.


Building Your Social Media Profiles


As mentioned before, and as will be discussed in further detail in this blog, the best way to build your social media profile is to create compelling content on a consistent basis. However, this is not going to build an audience. If no one is reading the content that you write then no one is going to be sharing them.


To get the best leverage through social media you will need to get to the point where the number of followers that you have is enough to provide you with growth through sharing. Getting to this point is easier said than done.


Directing people from your email list to your social media sites is important. However, if you are not getting a large number of new email subscribers each day, this is not going to help you get more than a few new fans and followers. If you have had an email list for quite a while, take the time to ask existing subscribers to join you on your social media sites. Beyond this you will need to tap into the current social media networks in order to get new subscribers and followers.

In my next post, we will look at step by step actions to take on each of the social media outlets in order to improve your social media authority for your niche.




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