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Targeting Your Audience and Finding Leads

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Targeting Your Audience and Finding Leads

One of the most important considerations when building a sales funnel, is how you’re going to get people to the start of that funnel in the first place. What’s more, is asking how you’re going to get the right people to the start of that funnel. This is where something called ‘targeting’ comes in.

Going back to our example of the shady watch salesman, one of the biggest problems he had (other than the trust issue), was that he doesn’t know who we are. We have shown no interest in watches and for all he knows, we might hate wearing things on our wrist. Or perhaps we’ve just been given a beautiful new watch and only feel the need for one. For this reason alone, our watch guy is not likely to have much luck.

But now imagine that he is using targeting to sell only to people with a high chance of being interested. One way he could do this is to stand outside the ‘Watch Lovers’ Convention’. Another option would be to visit people’s homes who have answered a survey saying they’re in the market for a watch.

Shady watch guy is still doing a lot of stuff wrong but simply by approaching that right audience, he’s going to see a BIG improvement in his conversion rates.

And that’s what we need to do too – bring the right people to our site to begin with. And to do that, we need to first identify who our buyer is. This means working out who our ‘buyer persona’ is.

Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is a fictional biography of the ‘ideal customer’ for your product. This means that they’re the exact sort of person liable to want to buy from you.

In profiling this person though, you’re not just going to be looking at the demographics. Demographics means things like the buyers age, sex, location and marital status. This is important but you want to go deeper by thinking about their philosophies, their politics, their other interests and more. Once you’ve created your imaginary biography, this will then allow you to market your product in the very places where this person is most likely to be. That might mean finding forums that discuss the other subjects they’re interested in, or it might mean finding blogs with a similar central concept to write guest posts for.

This will essentially allow you to find a good ‘route to market’, which is anywhere that your ideal buyer persona is likely to spend time as a captive audience member. A brilliant example might be a magazine on a particular subject.

If you can find your route to market and you can match that market with the right product and sales funnel, then you will be almost guaranteed to see success for your products.



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