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How to Use AIDA in Your Marketing

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Persuasive Writing and How to Use AIDA in Your Marketing

No matter how good your sales funnel though, it will only be as strong as your weakest link.

And in many cases, that weakest link is the fifth and final touch: the point where you actually come to sell your product. A lot of people just don’t know how to make their items sell and they don’t know how to make something seem really exciting and necessary.

This is where persuasive writing comes in and it’s where ‘AIDA’ comes in. Read on and learn how to sell anything to anyone…

What is AIDA?

AIDA is a concept that can help make it that little bit easier for you to sell your products and make money online. The general idea here, is that you need to take your visitors from the point where they’ve never heard of you to the point where they’re ready to buy. Sound familiar?

Only this time, we’re focussing more on the specific product rather than on the brand more generally. To that end, AIDA stands for:





You can’t make someone interested in your product until they’re aware of it. You can make them want it until they’ve learned about it. And you can encourage them to click buy until you’ve made them really want what you’re offering.

This AIDA structure is a highly useful guide then and note that it is also 5 steps long – the same as your 5 touches! You can even build AIDA into each touch then, by starting by teasing your product and then building on that by providing more and more information and generally making it sound more desirable.

Either that, or you can place awareness in your second stage and then provide the interest and desire in the next two. You can even place all five steps in the final touch through your sales page – depending on what it is that you’re trying to sell and your broader strategy.

However you approach it though, in order to sell the idea, you’re going to need to be able to use the right persuasive writing.



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