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How to Write Persuasive Sales Funnels Script That Sells Every Time

How to Write Persuasive  Sales Funnels Script That Sells Every Time

When it comes to making money online, there are a number of different things you need to consider. But no matter what strategy you are using overall, if you plan on selling something, then eventually your success is going to come down to your ability to persuade. That means writing a sales script that will work like a salesman to convince your readers that what you’re offering is a great deal and they should part with their hard earned cash.
As you can imagine, this isn’t always easy. So how do you go about writing an effective sales script? Let’s take a look…
Grab Attention
The first thing you need to do is to grab attention. This means you’re fighting the natural inclination we all have to move on to the next thing and you’re trying to stand out during someone’s busy routine.
One way to achieve this is to use a narrative structure. That means structuring your sales pitch like a story, which in turn often means that you’re going to tell your story of how the product your selling helped you.
People naturally love stories and when we see something laid out like a story, we find it very hard to switch off. It’s a great way to get more sales!
To further help retain your visitors, you should make sure that your script is ‘skimmable’, meaning that it should be split into lots of smaller paragraphs and sections.

Build Authority and Trust

The next thing you need to do, is to build authority and trust. This means making sure that the people reading your site believe what you’re saying. You can do that by appealing to stats and figures, by appealing to authority and thought leaders, or by using social proof.

Sell the Dream

The next thing you need to do is to sell your dream. That means selling your ‘value proposition’ and making your product out to be something that can genuinely help with people’s lives. What is most important of all here though, is that you focus on the emotion and make sure that people are actually dreaming about how your product is going to make their lives better.

Add Scarcity and Urgency

Finally, you need to ensure that your visitors act on that emotion. That means you can’t give them time to go away and think about the product you’re offering – so make sure that you introduce a limited supply or a short term special offer so that they feel compelled to click buy right then and there!



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