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Building Trust

Building Trust With Clickfunnels

Playing the Long Game and Building Trust

What’s crucial to consider throughout all of this, is that you are building trust and playing the long game. Remember, we’re aiming to do the precise opposite of that guy in the street offering watches. We know that we need to woo our customers and get them ‘on side’ before we try and sell them something worth thousands of dollars. It seems obvious but it’s crazy how many people will never think of it this way!

But the next question is precisely how you’re going to build that trust. How do you generate ‘true fans’ and how do you make sure that the experience at each stage of your funnel is a worthwhile one?

The first tip of course is just to make your products good and that goes for your free ones above the line too. I have worked with clients that create sales funnels where the first product is a folder filled with six silent videos of people setting up WordPress. And they call this ‘The Ultimate Guide to Genearting Online Income’ or something of the sort. What chance do you think that person has of selling something for $1,000?


The concept we need to discuss here is overdelivering. Instead of creating something that falls sadly short, you need to make sure that your products and experiences are overdelivering each time. That means that you are exceeding expectations and going above and beyond. If you promise an amazing ebook, then throw in extra videos, extra mind maps and beautiful big images. Surpass expectations and you’ll create good will that will spur extra sales!

This is why the best sellers on Amazon never promise next day delivery. They promise delivery in 2-4 days and then make sure it arrives the next day. Customers are almost always blown away by this and that means positive reviews and more sales!

Your Mission Statement

The other way to make sure that people want to be your fan and that they actually get behind your brand is to have a brand. ‘EasyCashOnline’ is not a brand – it’s a keyword. Moreover, a good brand goes beyond just a name and a logo.

A brand should begin with a promise. With a call to action. And with a ‘mission statement’. The best comapneis – the ones that really inspire people and that create big movements – those are the ones that have some kind of vision for themselves and for the world. Apple was so successful in its heyday because it was all about disrupting the establishment and making computers that were fun and friendly to use – it was about taking that power out of the hands of the elite and giving it to the masses. This was a vision and a passion and it took over the world.

And you see this with all the most successful brands in the world. They have an identify, a unifying cause, morals and a vision. Try to work out what it was that inspired you to get into business, try and work out where you want to go with your business and what you want to give back. Now put all of that into a ‘mission statement’ and make sure you refer to that with every decision you make, with every piece of branding and with every piece of marketing. When you do, you will create something that people can get behind and that excites people.

This is the kind of thing that people become ‘true fans’ of and it’s what will encourage people to want to become more and more committed to your brand as they keep reading.

Content Marketing

This all ties in perfectly with content marketing. Content marketing simply means that you’re relying on the free content you post on your blog (and possibly guest post on other blogs) in order to reach your audience. You’ll use this content to build up your SEO and to share on social media but at the same time, it’s also going to provide that vital first touch and provide value to the user while building trust.

There are plenty of different options when it comes to digital marketing but the one that will always work best with a sales funnel is content marketing.



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Building Trust With Clickfunnels


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