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Advanced Techniques – Live Video Streaming

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Advanced Techniques – Live Video Streaming and More

There are a number of more advanced techniques and strategies you can add into this mix however, many of which will help you to engage your audience even more, or in an entirely different way.

Newer and More Interesting Steps

For example, one step that people often won’t use is to offer a free app download. This works well because people will often get excited by the prospect of getting an app – they can see this as an exciting free product rather than something dull like a mailing list. This then gives you a very slick and polished way to reach your audience though, or for them to check in with you. It also means you can use ‘push notifications’ to sell products!

Another example of a more advanced ‘touch’ you can use, is to try live video streaming. Right now, live streaming is all the rage. Effectively, this means using a tool like Periscope, Meerkat or Facebook in order to stream a recording of yourself live to your visitors and followers. When done correctly, this will allow you to engage a large audience of followers and they will in turn be able to respond to what you’re saying, to like comments and to ask questions.

Live streaming is taking off in a big way at the moment. It’s a great way to find new potential customers because the various channels are currently so quiet that any video here will quickly and easily be found by people searching for new things to watch.

What’s more, is that live streaming allows you to interact directly with your audience. People will be able to watch you as though they were in the room with you and can ask questions that you will be able to respond to directly. This builds much more trust and makes them feel as though they know you already – this can help a great deal when it comes to sales. And it sure doesn’t hurt that live streaming makes you look very modern and ‘on the ball’ at the same time! This is a cool and interesting alternative to having an online seminar with something like U-Conference.



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