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What is a Sales Funnel?

Before we go any further, it would perhaps be useful to explain exactly what a sales funnel is and what you’ll be using it for.
In essence, a sales funnel can be imagined like a funnel for customers. You start out with a broad opening to capture as many leads as possible and then you gradually narrow those leads down to only the most engaged and interested customers so that you can sell to them. All the while, you’ll be building trust, building engagement and priming them ready to make a sale.
You can also think about this as a ladder, which each rung taking your customers closer to the top where you’ll eventually try to sell to them.

In practice, what this means is a series of different marketing strategies, each arranged in such a way as to build more and more targeted leads for your business. So you might start with a simple advert, or a blog post and then move on to an email list, then a ‘free report’, then a seminar, then a small product sale and then a big sale.
Each of these marketing stages is a rung on a ladder, it’s a little further down the funnel. And each time a customer clicks on the next link, or follows you to the next step, they are becoming more and more likely to buy from you.

As mentioned, there’s a good chance you’ll have encountered different sales funnels in your travel around the web: and you may even have bought products from others through this method. You might have come across a blog and signed up to the mailing list for instance, and then been told to click on the link therein in order to see a free seminar. And then maybe the free seminar asked you to sign up for the next seminar which would cost a little money.

You’ll learn precisely how to employ these kinds of techniques yourself and we’re going to break down all the different tools, resources and tips you need to execute this plan perfectly. What’s more though, is that we’re also going to look at some higher level concepts.

You’ll learn how to sell anything, how to write persuasive copy that people simply can’t ignore and how to build a massive following so that you don’t just have visitors and customers – you have loyal fans!

Specifically, you’ll discover:
• Why sales funnels are THE most effective tool for sales

• All the tools and resources you need to construct the ultimate sales funnel

• How to target your audience and bring the right people to the first stage of your funnel

• How to use persuasive writing to convince people to buy anything

• How to engage your audience and build trust and real following

• How to maximize conversion rates

• How to make people buy from you more than once

• How to utilize an understanding of psychology to skyrocket your sales

• What the different options are for your sales funnels

• How to stand out and be different

• And much more!

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